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Fast and easy hand binding tutorial

  I absolutely love this way of finishing off the binding on a quilt. It gives it a lovely texture and as an added bonus, it is fast and easy! Follow this hand binding tutorial to complete your next quilt and maybe it might become your favourite binding technique too! Just a word of warning, I don’t use pins. At all. Ever.… Read more →


All about Crystal part one

Last week I put a call out and said, ask me anything! Well, you guys asked some pretty great questions, that’s for sure! I have done my very best to answer them. I hope you enjoy  reading about Crystal and some of what goes on with the girl behind the blog. ‪Lyn: How long have you been quilting, and what got you… Read more →


My creativity process under pressure

Sewwvivor has come and gone for me. What an amazing ride this crazy adventure has been! I knew I would have to write this post eventually and I have sat down several times to do so, only to be easily distracted by something else. But the time has come where I can procrastinate no longer. I never realised the great… Read more →


WIP Wednesday – guest blog for the little white dove

Hello! I didnt see you there, you’ve caught me unaware. Now, where do I start? I’ve been so super busy with Sew-vivor these days, I have hardly thought about anything else! Rachel from the Little White Dove blog asked me to share some other WIPs with you, and I siimply couldn’t refuse. This week the hexie projects have been revealed and voting… Read more →