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Hello Raspberry Spool!

Bye bye birdies

This is officially the last post from me as Two Little Aussie Birds. I’m going to miss them so. Guess, I’ll always care about those two little birds.   After much thought, soul searching and a whole lot of work, I am so excited to be rebranding as Raspberry Spool. Some of you may not know this, but I started… Read more →

Say whaaaat?

Craftsy blogger awards

  I can’t quite believe that I have been nominated for a Craftsy blogger award, which is so great and crazy and unexpected! I have no idea how I got on the list and I’m up against some really big names, but I’m hoping that I can have a fighting chance with your help? All you need to do is vote… Read more →

6 ways to support your favourite bloggers

6 ways to support your favourite bloggers

Great bloggers work really hard to bring you interesting content each week. Countless hours of research, writing, editing, photography, coding and a lot of behind the scenes work goes on that you will probably never know about. And you know, it costs money to run a blog. There are all kinds of fees for buying a domain, web hosting, blog… Read more →

It’s where I’m going, will you come with me?

Lately, I have started taking myself seriously. I love quilting. I mean, I really love quilting. So, last year I released my first quilt pattern and it turns out that quite a few of you loved the Modern Medallion as much as I do. I entered Sewvivor. Not only did I get in, I came fourth. I ran a really awesome series… Read more →